Restaurant Review: Rekado's Grill on Main

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

As with my Small business profile today The Urban Dweller has stepped outside the downtown comfort zone to review a restaurant in Midtown. The kind folks at Rekado’s have treated the fellow blogger Mr. Skeets well the past few years. At our last “meeting” Skeets was raving about this place, I had to go check it out.

Rekado’s serves Filipino fusion cuisine and is located on Main and King Edward, next to a laundromat and Mr. Sub. Apparently in discussion with restaurant staff we are just outside of Little Manila. Funny I never new we had a Little Manila, however with the surge in Filipino’s in Vancouver I wouldn’t be surprised. Skeets who is a self proclaimed street hustler confirmed the claims made by the staff.

The restaurant was clean and quite sleek, much to my surprise and as we went in we were promptly seated. The service for the most part was adequate. Skeets was eying the Filipino servers. He must be losing his sight or something because I don’t know what caught his eye. To each their own I guess.

I was expecting to see a half empty restaurant since it was still quite early , however the neighbourhood families were out in full force. This is an extremely family friendly atmosphere. No children were crying or making noise. I guess the APC had not arrived yet.

The food in this place was excellent. At least what we ordered. I had the grilled beef shortribs and Skeets had the curry pina chicken. Those were one of the more expensive items on the menu and they were less than anything at Cactus Club. The portions were of decent size. For dessert I had the sorbetes. Simply fantastic. It was voted one of Vancouver top ten cheap eats. No doubt this place is very very cheap. However the food was so good I could have easily paid more.

4063 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Food: A
Atmosphere: B
Price: A+
Service: C+

(photo courtesy of roland @ flickr)

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