The curious case of Renny v. Jenny and the $100K dog bite

May 15 2022, 11:58 pm

A supreme court case in BC details a “difficult case of a friendship divided” where one friend sued another for $100,000 over a dog bite.

According to court records, on February 13, 2018, the defendant’s dog named “Renny” bit the plaintiff’s dog, “Jenny”.

While the plaintiff was trying to separate the dogs, Renny then bit her hand.

The bite caused three puncture wounds, that lead to “stitches, treatment with antibiotics, and a broken metacarpal bone in her hand that required surgery and the placement of a pin to straighten it.”

The plaintiff couldn’t work for months while they were healing, and still experiences soreness in their hand. It’s possible that they could be more likely to develop arthritis in the hand in the future, too.

So, they wanted $100,000 for the dog bite.

In the end, Justice Marzari reviewed the whole case and said that she was entitled to $25,000 for general damages, $460 for special damages, $1,000 for past wage loss, but also said that she “would have likely reduced this award by 50% for contributory negligence.”

Now, the action is dismissed and Justice Marzari said that the plaintiff is entitled to her costs.

As for Renny the dog, perhaps they will be wearing a muzzle at future doggy play dates.

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