Re-entering the world of dating

Dec 19 2017, 3:32 pm

You’re in the category of singles and, despite popular belief, this actually lands you at a positive place in your life. Whether you’ve been single for nine months or nine years doesn’t matter; the world of dating never gets less confusing or intimidating, but once you let go of the fear of rejection and belief that you aren’t deserving, you will and can get what you want.

When entering into the dating scene after a long-term relationship or marriage, it is easy to feel inexperienced, out of the loop and a bit scared. When you haven’t flirted with someone, picked up someone or casually dated someone in quite some time, it’s normal to feel a lack of confidence. Re-entering into the dating world can bring on feelings of hesitation and insecurity.

Self-confidence is the first point to address. Gaining confidence can at times be a struggle but once you face the realization that you are desirable and worthy, dating becomes fun and exciting. It’s important to be comfortable with who you are so you’re able to offer your best self to another. Of equal importance is your ability to be alone and not dependant; you do in fact need to know and love yourself before adding another person to that equation. Once we cure the lack of self-confidence bug we are able to move onto the fun stuff.

Socializing is a must in any singles schedule. Although work can at times be priority there are simple tools to utilizing and managing your spare time. If spending one night a week actively putting yourself out there is an option, I suggest you put in the effort. Vancouver is full of a wide and impressive selection of spots to meet other singles. The obvious options being restaurants, bars and pubs, people often ignore the spots that they so often find themselves on a more casual and daily basis. The grocery store, coffee shops and online sites are among numerous rarely acknowledged pick up goldmines in the city. Don’t over look your daily routine as opportunity to meet new people and gain a romantic connection.

For a single parent, dating can weigh in low on your list of priorities. You may not have limited time to go out, converse and meet other Vancouver singles. Of course, this makes the dating game all the more difficult but there are alternative options that cater to your schedule. Online dating is a single parents best friend. Before exchanging messages online, you already know if someone has or wants children, what they do for a living, what their hobbies and interests are; in simple terms, you don’t have time to uncover these details over 10 dates and these sites assist you in selecting a future match. Making the decision to create a profile online does not mean you need ‘help’, it means you are ready to offer your efforts and time in hopes of meeting someone worthy.

Dating is intimidating at any age. Once you are past the point of casual sex and are in search of a relationship, you have an upper hand that most people unintentionally ignore- you know what you want and you are at a point in your life where you are serious about finding it. These are all good things! Getting over the fear of rejection, your insecurities and the hurdles that comes with dating, you are able to open up and you are able to enjoy the path to a relationship.


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