Spotted on Reddit: These Maple Leaf flags are made out of maple leaves

Jun 27 2017, 6:32 pm

Call it a testament to Canadian ingenuity and design.

Or just call it getting into the spirit of Canada day.

Bur regardless of what you call it, a couple of Reddit users have decided to celebrate the True North Strong and Free in what can only be described as a truly Canadian way.

The first picture, shared by Reddit user TheNutsCracker, shows a clever combination of maple leaves and tree barkl, combined to make one fine-looking flag.

A Canadian flag made out of tree bark and maple leaves. (The NutsCracker / Reddit)

Pretty cool, right? Well the fun doesn’t end there.

Another reddit user, jono523┬áposted his version of our country’s flag, this time using all maple leaves.

A Canadian flag made up of all Maple leaves. (jono523 / reddit)

The Canadian flag has never looked more real.