Reddit user reveals most Googled questions about Canadian provinces

Oct 17 2016, 4:09 pm

Reddit user Salem-Witch has put together a map that answers some interesting questions about Canada.

Well, actually, it answers one specific question. But in doing so helps us understand a lot more than its simple answers suggest.

Taken from 2016 Google Incognito searches, this map shows the most searched queries in both Canada and the US when the question is:

Why is _____ so…?

And what people are wondering about our provinces gives you some very interesting insight into the generalizations being made in our country (not to mention our neighbours to the south).

For instance, Alberta’s top three are as follows:

Why is Alberta so conservative?
Why is Alberta so rich?
Why is Alberta so racist?

Ouch. Those are some harsh questions.

Arguably, however, not as bad as Saskatchewan, which only returned its top response:

Why is Saskatchewan so flat?

When that’s the only question really being asked we’re pretty sure, Why is Saskatchewan so boring, could soon be right behind.

Check out the rest of the map below and see what’s being asked about Canadian provinces. Though, keep in mind, this was done from a US computer on, not – so these answers are subject to change.

Google Searches Map Canada


We suggest you search your own Incognito window and see what you come up with!

Google Searches Map Canada


You can find a zoomable version of the map here.

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