Record-breaking LOTTO MAX jackpot to be drawn tonight

Jan 3 2020, 6:52 pm

$70 million dollars.

That’s what’s up for grabs in Friday night’s LOTTO MAX jackpot. It’s a record-breaking amount marking the most money ever offered in Canada for a single draw.

The history-making pot is due to a change in the game in May that allowed for LOTTO Max prizes to grow beyond the former limit of $60 million, according to a release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

Three draws have seen jackpots of $65 million — in June, October, and December of 2019 — though never has a Canadian pot gotten as high as $70 million.

The winning numbers will be drawn this Friday evening, and tickets can still be purchased until 10:30 EST, 9:30 pm CST, 8:30 pm MST, 7:30 pm PST on Friday, January 3.

There will also be an estimated 10 MAXMILLIONS draws, which will see guaranteed winners of $1 million each.

The winning numbers will be published at the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s website after they have been drawn.

According to the website, every ticket has a 1 in 33,294,800 chance of winning the full jackpot.

Good luck!

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