RCMP looking for owner of 'world's most boring wallet'

Jun 5 2019, 10:08 pm

North Vancouver RCMP are reaching out to the public in hopes of finding the owner of “a remarkably generic wallet.”

“It is described as black,” reads a media release. “And leather. And it folds.”

Police received the wallet from Capilano Mall security, who found it over a month ago, on May 2, 2019.

It had no identification, no cards, and lacked any distinctive marks or labels.


North Vancouver RCMP

“Very boring indeed.”

The wallet did, however, have a significant amount of cash.

Now, police want to find the owner.

“And no, saying the bills all have a picture of the Queen on them will not be enough to convince us it’s yours,” says RCMP.

If the wallet does belong to you, police would like to know the following:

  • How much money is in the wallet
  • What denomination the bills are
  • What you were doing in the mall that day
  • Some way to prove that you were in the mall that day
  • Where in the mall the wallet would have been found

Anyone who wishes to claim ownership of the wallet can call Cst. Chantal Gauthier at 604-985-1311.

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