Good news, the RCMP have got their grenade launcher back

Jul 25 2017, 3:27 pm

Good news everyone: The grenade launcher that the RCMP reported as missing yesterday has been recovered.

RCMP revealed yesterday that equipment, including a 40MM Abrams Airborne Mfg Inc. Less Lethal Multi-Launcher (AKA a grenade launcher), had gone missing.

The items apparently fell through the insecure back hatch of a truck canopy on July 23 shortly before 7:30 am in the area of the Golden Ears Bridge, BC.

The truck was being driven by a member of the Integrated Emergency Response Team, who was alerted to the open hatch by a passing motorist.

Thankfully, a member of the public has come forward to reconnect the RCMP with their missing equipment.

“As a result of media coverage, a member of the public immediately called the RCMP to report they recovered the equipment in the area it was believed to have gone missing,” Staff Sgt Annie Linteau said in a release.

“Officers have connected with them and confirmed that all missing items have accounted for.”

The incident has prompted a review from authorities, which is still ongoing.

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