Oddsmakers don't like Raptors chances of making playoffs anymore

Jan 18 2023, 6:49 pm

The Toronto Raptors are officially going through it.

While they’ve strung a few stretches of nice play together this season, it’s hard not to say it’s been a pretty disappointing year from Canada’s lone NBA team.

Sitting at 20-25 and 11th in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors have looked far off from the 48-win team they were a season ago.

And with the season more than half over, it seems like the idea that Toronto was a lock to make the postseason is a thing of the past.

As of Tuesday, oddsmakers at Stake.com think it’s more likely that the Raptors miss the playoffs (1.45) than make it (2.75).

The playoffs, in this case, refer to the top eight seeds in each conference competing in the official first round, with the top six teams in each conference getting an automatic playoff berth while seeds 7-10 compete for the final two spots via the NBA’s play-in round.

Stake oddsmakers are setting Toronto’s regular season win total at an over/under of 39.5, with the under option coming with a 1.74 return to a 2.10 return for over. Toronto was initially pegged at an over-under of 46.5 by Stake to begin the season.

Here’s every team’s odds to make the playoffs, in order of the current Eastern Conference standings:

Yes No
Boston Celtics 1.01 18.30
Brooklyn Nets 1.01 16.30
Milwaukee Bucks 1.01 18.30
Philadelphia 76ers 1.02 14.50
Cleveland Cavaliers 1.02 15.40
New York Knicks 1.44 2.80
Miami Heat 1.20 4.60
Indiana Pacers 1.72 2.15
Atlanta Hawks 1.90 1.90
Chicago Bulls 2.80 1.44
Toronto Raptors 2.75 1.45
Washington Wizards 5.25 1.16
Orlando Magic 18.20 1.01
Detroit Pistons 18.30 1.01
Charlotte Hornets 18.90 1.00

When it comes to making the play-in, though, Toronto has the fourth-best odds of any team in the mix. Toronto currently is one game back of 10th-seeded Chicago, but sits in 11th place due to the virtue of the tiebreaker.

The odds to make the Eastern Conference play-in (seeds 7-10) are as follows:

  • Atlanta Hawks, 1.45
  • Indiana Pacers, 1.52
  • New York Knicks, 1.52
  • Toronto Raptors, 1.71
  • Chicago Bulls, 1.76
  • Miami Heat, 2.10
  • Washington Wizards, 2.90
  • Philadelphia 76ers, 7.00
  • Brooklyn Nets, 7.00
  • Cleveland Cavaliers, 11.00
  • Orlando Magic, 13.00
  • Milwaukee Bucks, 13.00
  • Boston Celtics, 26.00
  • Charlotte Hornets, 26.00
  • Detroit Pistons, 29.00

There is some saving grace for Raptors fans who don’t want to see them tank the season though: they’ve actually got the seventh-best odds to make the NBA Finals in the East as of right now, ahead of teams like Atlanta, New York, and Chicago.

Here are the odds to advance to the NBA Finals out of the Eastern Conference:

The NBA regular season ends April 9, with the playoffs set to kick off on April 15 following the play-in rounds.

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