Rainfall warning: 10 cm of rain could fall on Metro Vancouver today

Feb 15 2017, 5:03 pm

Environment Canada has updated its weather alert for Metro Vancouver, warning that up to 100 mm of the wet stuff could fall in the next 24 hours.

“A strong Pacific front fuelled with energy and moisture from the subtropics brought heavy rain to the inner south coast last night,” the warning states. “There will be a break this morning before the next frontal wave arrives at the south coast this afternoon bringing more rain.”

Environment Canada says we should expect a prolonged period of heavy rain with rainfall amounts in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley expected to hit the 100 mm mark by Thursday morning.

The heavy rain will then start to fade on Thursday afternoon as the wet weather finally moves eastward out of the area.

But don’t expect the weather to get any better any time soon. A look at the forecast for the next week does not make for good reading.

Vancouver Weather Forecast

Image: Environment Canada