Radiohead Fans Pack Thunderbird Stadium

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

Yesterday, The Urban Dweller finally got to see Radiohead live and boy what an excellent show they put on. Of all the concerts I’ve attended this year, I’d have to put this one in the top spot. I’ve been an avid fan of these guys from Oxfordshire since purchasing OK Computer back in 1997 and never saw them live until yesterday. After listening to that record a buddy of mine introduced me to their first single “Creep”. I was hooked and bought a copy of their debut album Pablo Honey the next day.

Although the concert was amazing, the weather and the event organiztion could have been better. It took forever to get to the venue and then we had to endure long ass line-ups just to get inside the fucking venue, wasting precious time that could have been spent at the beer garden. However, once inside and a couple of beers later, all was well. After a quick scan of the 20,000 or so people in the crowd, I realized how many older people were in attendance. It was a great site to see the young and the old together rocking out to one of the truly great bands of our time. This being a rock concert excluded the presence of Surrey “jacks” at this event and that is always a plus.

Radiohead blistered through a near 2 hour set with a majority of the setlist coming from their most recent album In Rainbows. Some of their old favourites such as Karma Police and Optimistic were peppered in the setlist as well. However, Creep was left off the setlist much to the dissappointment of The Urban Dweller. Overall it was a great show and it raised the bar for any future concerts I’ll be attending.
Song Highlights:
Karma Police
Faust Arp
Grade: A- (because they didn’t play Creep)
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