Police investigating racist, anti-mask rant at Canadian liquor store (VIDEO)

Sep 21 2020, 5:47 pm

The Calgary Police Service is investigating a racist incident in Calgary.

A video of a man in a Calgary liquor store was posted by @Crackmacs on Twitter. The man gets angry at the liquor store worker who is telling him to leave.

According to the tweet, the woman in the video told Crackmacs that she had been behind a plexiglass wall/barrier and not wearing a mask, and had asked the man to wear a mask when he came in with his face uncovered.

The City of Calgary’s Face Covering Bylaw: Business and Operators GuidanceĀ confirms that the worker was correct:

“If staff are sharing an indoor space with the public, they are required to wear a face covering under the bylaw unless the person is separated from the public by an installed screen, shield or other barrier,” the bylaw notes.

The man called the woman a “dumb fucking bitch,” a “fucking asshole,” and “a piece of shit from another fucking country that has no right here,” asking her if she was born in Calgary, which she confirmed that she was, before calling her “Paki scum.”

The Calgary Police Service confirmed to Daily Hive that they are currently investigating the incident.

Jyoti Gondek, the Calgary city councillor for Ward 3, posted a video on Twitter in response to the Crackmacs posts, stating that she had gone to visit the store in question that day as it was within her ward.

She said that she spoke with two sisters in the store, with one of them having been there alone when the man came in.

“I’m just here to tell you, if you’re going to go to a store that is run by people who live in your neighbourhood, you need to follow the rules, and the rules are that you need to wear a mask, and if you don’t feel like wearing a mask, tell you what, just stay home. Don’t go out, do us all a favour, save your rant, and do us all a favour and don’t spew your nonsense, racist garbage at people who are doing you a favour by keeping their doors open,” Gondek said in the video.

“The two sisters I visited in that story today said that they’d like to tell you they were shocked and surprised, but they’re not. This has happened to them before, this will probably happen to them again. That is awful. Calgary, we are better than this. Please be better than this. Support local, do well, and let’s get through this pandemic without the ugliness.”

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