65 people have died in Quebec as a result of coronavirus

Apr 3 2020, 10:24 am

The Quebec government announced that the province’s death toll associated with COVID-19 has increased to 65.

That’s an increase of 29 from Thursday’s numbers of 36.

Quebec Premier François Legault did stress that while the numbers have increased drastically in 24 hours, the “vast majority” are not deaths within the past day but instead, deaths that have been confirmed as coronavirus-related that were “under investigation” from weeks prior.

As part of his daily briefings, Legault revealed that known cases in the province had increased to 6,101. He also mentioned that 4,233 cases are “under investigation” and 77,469 tests have turned up negative.

“There are people who are looking at the number of case that are increasing and wondering if the cases are improving or not. We tested the people who are more at risk and it’s normal that we have more confirmed cases,” said Legault in French. “We have fewer death per one million inhabits than the United States. We want to minimize the number of deaths and it is working.”

Legault stressed that for Quebecers who do go outside, they are to remain two metres (6 feet) away from people and are urged to wash their hands when they return to their homes.

“If we continue, we will have better results than others. We will see it in next week’s progression numbers,” he said.

Quebec is one of the global leaders when it comes to screening tests, according to the Premier, hence the consistent influx of known cases throughout the province.

Canada’s coronavirus death toll now totals 173.