Canadian newcomers are getting a warm welcome this winter

Nov 23 2017, 10:21 pm

Do you remember your first winter in Canada?

It could have been spent warm inside your home, sipping on a hot cocoa, looking out at the snowfall building upon the sidewalk.

Sadly, not everyone has the same experience.

One of the biggest worries for new newcomers is our winters. And many are in need of the basic essentials they need to stay warm during as the season turn cold.

This year it’s expected that approximately 200,000 newcomers will move to our country and experience the cold of their first Canadian winter. That’s why breakfast leader Quaker has decided to give the gift of a warm coat to those who need it most, with their Warm Welcome program.

More than 100,000 newcomers to Canada are identifying as ‘in-need’ and one of the most important things Quaker wants to do with your help, is to prepare them for Canadian winters and help them get their lives off to a warm start.

As part of the program, any time you purchase a specially marked pack of Quaker instant oatmeal or Quaker Chewy granola bars, the brand will donate $0.05 towards the purchase of a warm coat to a newcomer in-need.

And it’s the brand’s goal to donate $350,000, which will help them provide over 7,000 coats to newcomers in-need.

The Quaker brand has been warming Canadian families with hot oatmeal since 1902, helping them be “today ready.” With a long history of supporting local communities and those who are in need, Quaker understands that for some, not being able to get warm can be a barrier to a good start.

To find out more about the Warm Welcome program, visit Quaker now.