Quaid’s Claims Not That Farfetched

Dec 19 2017, 12:41 pm

Justin (@HeyACG)

Samara Weiner, an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, gave me her opinion on Randy Quaid’s claims, “Yea it’s possible”. After Quaid and his wife were arrested in Vancouver and gave an audacious claim that “star whackers” were out to embezzle his assets and murder him, much of the city has been left bewildered.

However, a look beyond the language used by Quaid shows that he might actually be the victim of a crime that affects thousands of people every year.

It is very possible that Quaid himself is a victim of embezzlement. Samara explained to me that the relationship between a client and his/her lawyer or accountant is unique. These professionals have access to intimate details, accounts, and expenditures of their client’s livelihood and the barriers to gain control of assets are small. Embezzlement is a white collar crime and approximately 19,500 people are arrested for it every year in the U.S.

Is the “star whacker” ring possible? Samara pointed out to me that a setup elaborate enough to kill all of the actors Quaid has listed is not likely. A ring that large would attract too much attention and would be discovered early in its lifetime. But why make these claims? Quaid could be making an attempt to gain the media’s attention. It is also possible he is simply freaking out.

Here’s the interesting part: a legitimate lawsuit has existed since at least August 26, 2010 against some names Quaid has accused and City National Bank. Lawsuit documents are at least 220 pages and suggest a plot to kill his wife, Evi. Lawsuit information is available on a Courthouse News Service post.
Might be time to cross-check your own accounts.


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