Could there be a shortage of pumpkins in BC this fall?

Sep 26 2017, 6:28 am

If you’re looking to find the perfect pumpkin for your best-ever Jack-O Lantern this fall, take a note.

While things are “looking good” for one Lower Mainland pumpkin patch, seasonal demand combined with hot dry growing conditions this past summer, means there could “possibly” be a pumpkin shortage this fall.

Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch in Surrey only had one day of “measurable precipitation” during July and August, according to Hazelmere’s Shari Tompe.

However, Tompe told Daily Hive that fortunately, Hazelmere has an irrigation system in place to “provide water to our thirsty plants, and grow great crops which are only better because of the warm sunshine.”

But other pumpkin patches in BC may not be as lucky.

Hot dry summers have been the weather trend in the past few years, Tompe noted.

“On our farm we have tried to grow accordingly and have planted pumpkin varieties that don’t need as much water and don’t rot as quickly.”

That being said, Tompe added that customers – whether perusing for pumpkins at Hazelmere, or at a host of other pumpkin patches in the Lower Mainland – shouldn’t be surprised “if the pumpkins you find this year are a little bit smaller than other years.”

For early-bird pumpkin purchasers, Tompe recommends storing them indoors in a cooler space or outside in a covered area like a doorway, until you’re ready to use them.

This will help keep them fresher longer and prevent them from rotting prematurely.

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