Peek inside the exclusive private screening of the new series Hunters

Mar 3 2020, 6:30 pm

Jordan Peele is one of the most popular directors and producers of our time. Already, his resume includes movies Get Out, Us, Keanu, and BlacKkKlansman.

So, when we heard that an iconic Canadian venue was being transformed for an exclusive screening of Peele’s newest conspiracy thriller series, the Amazon Original Hunters, we were super intrigued.

On February 19, we had the unique opportunity to visit the Danforth Music Hall — a theatre that dates back to the early twentieth century — to preview the new series starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Jerrika Hinton.

Hunters/Prime Video

To set the scene and give attendees a feel for the era of the series, Prime Video transformed the Danforth into 1970s New York. If you can imagine a time when NYC was edgy, when bucket drummers performed on block corners, and when police cars filled the streets, that gives you a good idea of the scene.

We could almost feel the ’70s aura before we stepped foot inside the Danforth. Vintage cars lined the street out front and posters for Hunters lined the walls, making passers-by curious to know what was happening. Later, we discovered that this struck a parallel with the beginning of the first episode; the main character is introduced as he walks out of a theatre that looks just like the Danforth!

Hunters screening event/Daily Hive

When we walked into the lobby to check-in, we were greeted by “cops” (they could have fooled us). Almost instantly, the smell of fresh-baked pizza filled the air.

Today, NYC is famed for its always-delicious grab-and-go slices, and these handheld eats were even more popular in the ’70s. Food of the era didn’t stop at pizza. Guests could indulge in pretzels with a tasty dip and hot dogs topped with sauces, too.

Talented breakdancers showed off their moves on pieces of cardboard, and it looked like a scene right out of the episode. Meanwhile, a live graffiti artist was working on an impressive mural that conveyed the word “Hunters” with Pacino’s face illustrated in the background.

Attendees brought vibrant energy, and many dressed in ’70s style, which really made us feel as though we’d been transported back in time. One part of the set even mirrored an NYC subway station with graffiti, a garbage can, and a bench that provided the perfect photo opportunity.

Hunters screening event/Daily Hive

The opening scene of Hunters shows a couple walking through a beautiful home and out to their backyard for a BBQ rendez-vous. Prime Video recreated this scene with a surreal set featuring two actors in character working on a garden patio.

Hunters screening event/Daily Hive

At the end of the night, we walked out of the Danforth already anticipating the second episode of Hunters Season One.

We don’t want to give any spoilers, but you can expect a gut-wrenching action ride through the first episode of the series as you follow one badass vigilante squad (The Hunters) on their quest for justice and revenge against the former high-ranking Nazis living among them in the US.

To discover what all the hype is about and see the first episode of Hunters for yourself, sign up for a free trial on Prime Video now.

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