5 ways that AR apps are changing how you can experience Vancouver

Jun 1 2018, 5:43 pm

The world of augmented reality (AR) is an ever-expanding area of technology, and in recent years it’s moved far beyond the capabilities of the wildly popular Pokémon GO.

AR technology is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public, meaning you don’t have to be a tech genius (or super rich) to experience it. From apps to camera effects, there are so many ways to test out this exciting, immersive technology in your own backyard.

If you’re looking for new ways to explore the city you love, check out these five accessible ways to try AR in Metro Vancouver.

The Tireless Runner

If running around town catching Pokémon left you craving more AR adventures, why not download QuestUpon and choose from the number of location-based games they have to offer? History buffs can learn about the history of the Kwantlen First Nation with The Tireless Runner, an AR game based in New Westminster. Tireless Runner allows you to see animated historic characters in augmented reality, answer trivia questions, and complete photo ops. Plus, it encourages users to get out and explore the rich history of the unceded Kwantlen territory we live on today.

On This Spot

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On This Spot is another immersive history app that spans the whole of Vancouver and aims to make history accessible to locals and tourists. If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time, this is the app for you. Edit then-and-now mash-ups that overlay photos of the past onto your present-day photos of a location and go on guided tours that bring the history of this beautiful city to life right before your eyes.

The app places emphasis on simple, intuitive interfaces and can easily be used by people of all technological abilities (even your grandparents!). The information and history are well-paced and entertaining — nothing like that dry history class you had to sit through in high school. With this AR technology, everyone from kids to historians can discover something new about the city around them.

BC Lions EXP

BC Lions EXP/QuestUpon

Sports just got a whole lot nerdier with QuestUpon’s BC Lions EXP app. Not your typical score and stats app, BC Lions EXP is an engaging experience that lets users interact with the BC Lions blimp, play catch with team members, and hang with mascot Leo the Lion. Watching the game will become a whole new experience both in and out of the stadium.

Toyota BC Facebook AR Effect

Toyota BC recently released a new creative tool that helps users imagine what a Toyota car would look like in their life. The Facebook AR Effect is an innovative feature that allows you to choose from and get to know select models (without having to go all the way to a dealership). The team behind the app believes that technology like this will help users build stronger connections with their vehicles. Plus, you can brag about how good your new car looks in your driveway before you’ve even bought it! How’s that for futuristic?

VR/AR Global Summit

PARQ Hotel and Casino/Courtesy VR/AR Global Summit

If you’re interested in learning more about the AR industry in general, then the VR/AR Global Summit is the place to be. Hosted this year at the newly launched PARQ Hotel and Casino in Vancouver from September 21 to 22, the summit will draw together hardware developers, content creators, big brands, manufacturers, and designers from all over the world to talk about the industry. Featuring collaboration spaces, hands-on workshops, demos, and amazing VIP events, this summit promises to be an exciting event that considers both the present and the future of immersive technology.

The world of AR is only getting bigger, and Vancouver is the place to be to see it all happen. Don’t miss out on these exciting ways to experience AR around the city and bring the future just a little bit closer to your everyday life.

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