Beer + Kombucha = Postmark's (brilliant) Blondebucha

Oct 13 2016, 12:28 am

Fewer drink-able trends are on the uptick in Vancouver as much as kombucha. The fizzy fermented tea beverage is on tap at several restaurants and cafes around town, and it’s not surprising that breweries are getting tapped into the trend, too, and featuring locally-brewed kombucha at their bars and tasting rooms.

For those who like both craft beer and kombucha, or who simply can’t decide between the two, there’s something delicious being poured by the team at Postmark Brewing and the Belgard Kitchen. It’s called Blondebucha, and it’s comprised of 70% Postmark Blonde Ale and 30% Ginger Kombucha from Oddity Kombucha.

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The result is a light, bright, sweetly spiced sipper that pairs nicely with heavier snacks (like a charcuterie board) and offers a refreshing alternative to heavier brews of the season.

Photo courtesy Postmark Brewing

Photo courtesy Postmark Brewing

Postmark will have Blondebucha available for growler fills as well as by the pour at Belgard Kitchen. You can also get either the Blonde or the Ginger Kombucha on their own.

Pricing breaks down as follows:


  • Kombucha Fill is $9.50 (1L), $17.00 (2L)
  • Blonde Fill is $5.50 (1L), $10.00 (2L)
  • Blondebucha Fill is $8.00 (1L), $12.50 (2L)

Belgard Pours

  • Kombucha is $4.50 (10oz), $8.00 (20oz)
  • Blonde is $4.50 (10oz), $7.50 (20oz)
  • Blondebucha is $4.50 (10oz), $8.00 (20oz)

Postmark Brewing

Address: 55 Dunlevey Avenue, Vancouver (Settlement Building)
Phone: 604-699-1988
Instagram: @postmarkbrewing

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