Police stop BC man attempting to clear snow with zamboni

Feb 7 2017, 4:27 pm

While his intentions were good, his methods should stay on the ice rink.

A man on Vancouver Island was spotted by police using a zamboni to clear snow from a road on Monday night during the snowstorm.

Central Saanich Police told Daily Hive they responded to reports of a man driving the zamboni in a residential side street in Saanich, a suburban municipality of the Greater Victoria area.

But by using the zamboni, he created a flat layer of hard snow and ice, likely making conditions more slick in the area.

“Officers and the zamboni driver were a little surprised, but both kept the interaction lighthearted,” said Corporal Dan Cottingham.

Officers did not charge the zamboni driver, opting to give him a warning instead.

“The driver had very good intensions and police realized this. He was asked to drive it back to his property which was only meters away.”