'The Beast' will not be fixed in time for The Fair at the PNE

Aug 15 2019, 2:05 pm

Visitors to this year’s The Fair at the PNE will not be able to ride ‘The Beast’ as it undergoes repairs after malfunctioning earlier this week.

Laura Ballance, a spokesperson for the PNE, told Daily Hive it is still unknown when The Beast will be up and running.

“The part is coming from Europe, then will be replaced, then the ride will go through a series of safety checks, then will be re-entered into our ride mix,” she said.

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On Tuesday afternoon, “The Beast,” a swinging pendulum ride stopped in mid-air, with more than a dozen riders still on it.

Visitors at the amusement park also say that oil started pouring from the attraction, spilling on some of the riders.

According to a statement from Playland, staff members stopped the ride because of “a parts issue resulting in a loud noise while the ride was running.” Playland also notes that there were no reported injuries and that all rides have “built-in safety features” in case of mechanical issues.

This isn’t the first time that “The Beast” has experienced a closure either.

In 2017, the attraction was closed for supplemental safety inspections, after an accident in Ohio that resulted in the death of one and injuries for several others. The accident involved a ride made by KMG, the same company that manufactured “The Beast.”

Playland says, however, that their attraction is not the same as the model related to the incident in Ohio and that the 2017 closure was “out of an abundance of caution.”

The Fair at the PNE opens to the public on Saturday.

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