Missing airplane may have crashed in the Fraser River

Jun 7 2020, 8:34 pm

Rescuers are searching for a missing airplane that apparently vanished without a trace after a witness saw it crash into the Fraser River.

Ridge Meadows RCMP issued a news release Sunday saying they were alerted to the potential plane crash on Saturday afternoon. Just after 1 pm, a witness saw a small white airplane flying low above the Fraser River between Maple Ridge and Langley. The plane crashed into the water water and disappeared from view, according to the witness.

Ridge Meadows RCMP members went to the riverbank near 287th Street and Lougheed Highway where the witness reported the crash. But they didn’t find any plane debris.

Confusingly, there were no reports of planes in the area from local airport towers and no distress calls recorded. Police called around to local airports, but none were expecting any planes that were overdue.

Later on Saturday. the Boundary Bay Airport in Delta told police they were expecting a small plane with two people on board that never showed up. Police believe this could be the plane the witness saw because it matches the colour and size description. However, the pilot’s flight plan didn’t indicate it would pass near that area of the Fraser River.

Several searchers are still scouring the river for any sign of the missing plane. The Vancouver Police Department’s marine unit, the RCMP’s underwater recovery team, and an RCMP helicopter are all involved in the search.

Police have reached out to the pilot and passenger’s families to tell them about the potential crash.

So far, there have been no confirmed sightings, contact with the victims, or recovery of any parts of the plane.

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