9 unconventional places to meet people in Vancouver

Jul 21 2016, 11:57 pm

Dating is hard — Tinder is boring and coffee shops are cliché, we get it. It’s understandable to not want to take the routes everyone seems to be taking, so why not branch out? Here are our top picks for some less obvious places to meet people in Vancouver

The Aquarium

This could be you. Image: Sky Bullfrog / Facebook

This could be you. (Sky Bullfrog/Facebook)

Vancouver Aquarium is one of the best in Canada, and their fairly recent addition of adult-only nights, featuring food and cocktails, make for a classy evening with people your age.

Pros: Booze, dim lighting, nature’s raw splendour.
Cons: Sloth enclosure still smells like ass.

Board game nights

Vancouver has a bunch of groups that get together and play all types of board games – from the ultra-casual Apples to Apples, to intense role-playing sessions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Pros: Learn a new game or two, casual atmosphere, safe space for nerds.
Cons: There’s always the potential it could go wrong.

Laser tag

Or any kids’ birthday event space, really. Three words: hot bored parents. That beefy dad’s got nothing to do for a couple hours while his scamp runs around shooting his friends — if you know a bar nearby, you’ve already won.

Pros: Cougars. Silver foxes.
Cons: Loitering in children’s play areas with no children for too long is a new and exciting way to get arrested.

Dog parks

Dog walk / Shutterstock

Dog walk / Shutterstock

Everyone knows that having a dog is the easiest way to get dates. But just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t ask to pet other people’s pups, and then casually transition that into an unfulfilling relationship you stay in mostly to spend time with their dog. Not that we speak from experience or anything.

Pros: High chance of meeting someone who owns a dog, 100% chance of meeting dogs.
Cons: Literally none.

Bard on the Beach

Vancouver’s annual Shakespeare festival features some amazing modern interpretations of old stories. The perfect place to meet a fellow theatre nerd, or to teach a newbie about the intricacies of Horatio’s character.

Pros: Pretend you’re cultured, perfect for literature and theatre nerds.
Cons: If you don’t like plays, it’s not for you.

Science World After Dark

Another Aquarium-type deal: a fun place to learn some stuff and be awed by science — without the kids. Check out their bi-monthly adult-only programming to get a taste of the good (child-free) life.

Pros: Learn something new, witness first-hand how sexy science can be.
Cons: Potential to get stuck in the “Can you fit in this box?” box.

The library

Arthur said it best: having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card. Plus, let’s face it – it’s basically the best place to make out.

Pros: Book nerds are hot.
Cons: Getting kicked out of a library does not exactly add to your street cred.

Vancouver Meetup groups

From hiking to business to photography, there’s a group for everyone on the Vancouver version of Meetup.com. Check out their list and find something you’re interested in!

Pros: Explicitly designed to meet people, guaranteed relevant to your interests.
Cons: Maybe you won’t like it? Worth a shot.

Sports leagues

Pictured: probably not you. Soccer / Shutterstock

Pictured: probably not you. Soccer / Shutterstock

Get outside, get active and get that dopamine pumping. What better way to form a bond with someone than destroying your beach volleyball competition together? Not many.

Pros: Immediately after your score a goal/basket/whatever you are instantly the hottest person in the world for 30 seconds. Take advantage of this.
Cons: It’s far easier to look goofy than suave while playing sports — fortunately, same goes for everyone else.

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