All of the closest places to eat and drink before a Canucks game in Vancouver

Sep 20 2017, 7:16 am

If you’ve ever been to a Canucks game, it’s almost always the golden question – where do you eat and drink before the game?

Pre-game grub is important, it’s what fuels you to be able to laugh, cheer, and cry with your team. More importantly, it warms up you system for all the churros, chicken fingers, and hotdogs you’re going to down once you’ve stepped in Rogers Arena.

This is important Vancouver, because everybody knows you can’t go to a Canucks game sober hangry.

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So here you have it – all the places to eat and drink before a Canucks game in Vancouver close to the arena.

The Costco Food Court

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Cheap and quick – perfect for those who are short on time, or saving their money for beer.

Address: 605 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver
Instagram: @costco


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We’d happily down some TAKO tacos and sliders before a game. This Korean taco shop is perfect for a quick bite pre-game.

Address: 601 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver
Instagram: @takovancouver

Boston Pizza

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This is a classic spot to head before the game to chug your fishbowls and take down that pasta and nacho combo.

Address: 808 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @bostonpizzacanada


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This spot never disappoints, and if you’re running really late, you can eat it with one hand on the go – now that’s what we call convenience.

Address: 683 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @subway

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

Pizza and hockey just make sense. Follow your heart and take it easy on your wallet with this one.

Address: 638 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @unclefatih

Freshslice Pizza

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Again, follow your heart.

Address: 663 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @freshslice

Sushi Den

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There’s truly never a bad time for sushi, and sporting events are no exception.

Address: 609 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Qieu Cafe

Vietnamese subs and vermicelli bowls are a solid way to start your night of cheering, drinking, and sporting overall.

Address: 628 Abbott Street, Vancouver

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar

Nonna Maria’s Lasagna (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

Right across the street from BC Place and around the corner from Rogers Arena is Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar, perfect for a glass of vino and a lasagne pre or post-game.

Address: 765 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @frankiesitaliankitchen

Bogart’s Bar & Restaurant

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This New York-style bar and restaurant serving spirits, wine, craft beer and some of the best international whisky in the area – not to mention massive housemade burgers and pizzas.

Address: 121 Robson Street, Vancouver

Back Forty

Down home cooking with a free parking lot…we’re sold.

Address: 118 Robson Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @backfortybbq

Central City

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A great place for groups and those who loves Caesars – this spot has got a list of grub with something for everyone.

Address: 871 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @centralcitybrew

Shark Club

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Shark Club was made for pre-game shenanigans, this is a must-hit for fans of both teams.

Address: 180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @sharkclub

Moxie’s Grill & Bar

Right next to Shark Club, this spot in perfect proximity to the arena, hit up happy hour and you’ll be set.

Address: 180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @moxiesofficial

The Pint

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If the daily specials don’t get you in here then the five minute walk to the arena definitely will.

Address: 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @pintvancouver

The Sportsbar Live! at Rogers Arena

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In 2016 we got our very own dine-in joint in the arena. If your pre-drinks run a little long you can watch the game from TVs or in the bathroom, so you’re good.

Address: 99 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

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