If your pint of beer isn't a proper pint you can report it to the Canadian government

Jan 14 2017, 12:16 am

Have you ever ordered a pint of beer only to find yourself asking “where’s the rest of it?”

A pint is a unit of measurement. It’s not a style of glassware.

Any Canadian establishment passing off a pint as anything less than 20 fl. oz. (or 568 mL) is breaking the law. And you can report it… to the government of Canada no less.

Per the Measurement Canada website,

If you suspect you have received an inaccurate measurement as part of a financial transaction, you may file a complaint…”

The government agency oversees complaints related to sales at gas pumps, electricity and natural gas, retail food scales, firewood sales, and perhaps most relevant to thirsty Canadians, pints of draft beer.

While Measurement Canada recommends attempting to “resolve the matter… prior to filing a complaint” the agency will investigate and ensure corrective action when necessary.

Complaints should consider that the forgivable limit of error is 0.5 fl oz and that the foam head is not included in the measurement.

It’s also totally kosher to pour less than a pint so long as it’s clearly advertised as such.

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