Pineapple Express, The New Cheech and Chong?

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

Local boy and self-proclaimed stoner Seth Rogen is the star of Pineapple Express, dubbed by some as this generation’s Cheech and Chong. Now a lot of you younger internet fucktards might not remember Cheech and Chong but know this, it was some funny ass shit. In fact Tommy Chong, a Vancouverite, was a trail “blazer” in the toker buddy flick genre. Enter Seth Rogen and James Franco (his dealer) in Pineapple Express (not the weather phenomenon, but the potent form of marijuana).

What inspired Seth and Evan Goldberg to write this movie? Well, believe it or not it was his teenage experiences of buying weed while attending Point Grey Secondary. One of these said experiences involved a naked guy at Wreck Beach, who sold him some dope out of a fanny pack. You can’t make this shit up. The Province has a full page on Seth, check out the full article.

The idea for this movie has been kicking around since 2001 and now with the recent successes of Seth’s movies, it has allowed him to make this movie. Pineapple express is set to hit theatres nationwide on Aug 6. For your viewing convenience check out this R-rated trailer.

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