Pigeon Park Improvements, Thanks to 2010

Dec 19 2017, 11:47 am

Pigeon Park, the much maligned park in one of the city’s darkest corners is set to receive an $187,000 facelift. These improvements to the park are being made just in time for 2010 when the world will descend upon Vancouver in droves to witness the marvel that is Vancity.I am pleased to see some money being poured into the DTES, however the “local” residents will just have nicer street furniture to shoot up on. So the dance continues…

In fact millions of dollars have been poured in to “improve” the DTES before the Olympics. Improvements that were no doubt needed, however they were most definitely moved up the to do list. You won’t hear the poverty industry cry about that spending, oh no. “That was needed”, “we need more money, more, more, more…”, they say like a junkie always wanting MORE. When will the poverty pimps learn more money into the DTES is only part of the solution. Policing, treatment, rehabilitation centres (which would be mandatory or your back out on the street) and other re-integration services are needed.Oh and these services need to be spread out into the far reaches of the Valley to get some of these individuals out of their comfort zone and eliminate the ease of access to drugs. Then and only then will we see an improvement.

Billions have been spent throughout the region to improve facilities, transportation and build much needed new COMMUNITY facilities. For that I am thankful.

photo courtesy of Jo-shin.net

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