Picnic basket packing lists for every summer occasion

Jul 17 2019, 5:49 am

The best part about summer is being able to do everything outside — from biking to languishing on patios. The sun is out and so are we.

Long, sunny days also signal the beginning of picnic season, AKA a great excuse to take your dinner (or lunch, or breakfast, or afternoon snack) outside. But as great as picnics are, planning what to pack in your basket can be a daunting task — especially if you’re stocking up with a special occasion in mind.

To ease your planning woes, we recommend having a go-to spot to pick up all the essentials. And trust us: from sparkling waters to fresh wraps, 7-Eleven has it all. You can trust this neighbourhood staple to provide a picnic-perfect selection of feel-good foods and refreshing beverages.

Grab your gingham blanket and sunscreen and take note of these packing tips for every activity under the sun.

Romantic date


Sharing a thoughtfully packed picnic alongside a park fountain at sunset: talk about a romantic summer date activity. Grab some fresh veggies and ready-made protein boxes, filled with shareable things like grapes, apples, cheese, and seed and nut mixes. To impress your paramour, pack some 7-Eleven sparkling waters for a refreshing — and park-friendly — bevvy. Set the scene for romance with sweet details like a vase of flowers, candles, and cloth napkins — and don’t forget the dessert! A dark chocolate bar is shareable and easy to grab alongside your other foodstuffs.

Beachside hang


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Picnicking on the beach does come with its perils. Choose food that’s already prepared — the less beach prep, the less likely you’ll get sand in the food! You’re also going to want to avoid foods that can’t withstand a little warmth. Go for something from 7-Eleven’s selection of wraps and sandwiches, which are prepared fresh and delivered seven days a week. Keep cool with refreshments like bottles of iced coffee and sparkling waters. Don’t forget the beach umbrella!

Road trip


Hitting the road just isn’t the same without a well-packed picnic. Be ready to pull over whenever the view is just right — or your stomach starts to grumble. Wraps, sandwiches, and finger foods like pre-cut veggies and fruit will provide the fuel you need to get from point A to B. Be sure to pack juice, water, and other drinks to stay hydrated. Other road trip essentials to pack your trunk with include a picnic blanket, a deck of cards, and a good book (or several).

Park party


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Sunny weekend afternoons call for good friends, a few blankets, and a bike ride to the park. Add to the mix a board game, an acoustic guitar, and some snacks, and you’ve got yourself the perfect park party. Easy picnic foods are key here, so bring some pre-cut fruit and cheese. One of your pals forgot to bring something? No need to leave the blanket — 7-Eleven’s food and beverages are available for delivery from select stores through Foodora and Uber Eats.



Heading out to the woods for a weekend of hiking and camping? Be sure to pack foods that are portable and will keep you satisfied in the great outdoors. Focus on high-protein eats, like a nut and seed mix or boiled eggs to give you that much-needed boost after chopping wood or hitting the trail. Start your day off right with fruit, yogurt, and coffee. It’s all about balance.

There are few better ways to enjoy the summer than with a picnic, no matter the occasion. Skip the fuss and get all your feel-good picnic basket needs in one place (or get it delivered through Foodora or UberEats), leaving you with more time to soak up the sun.

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