Why is your phone bill so high?

Dec 20 2017, 3:05 am

It’s no secret that cellphone bills can get expensive. After a month of Snapchatting, daily Instagram posts, texting friends and family, and lengthy calls with your loved one, the average phone bill comes to $60 a month.

If you break it down, the average cellphone rate plan looks like this.



Surprisingly while data is one of the more expensive additions, it only accounted for one-third of the bill.

The breakdown consisted of $25 for data (based on 1 GB), $40 for 200 local minutes, national talk and text with 10 friends and unlimited text messaging. There was another $2 for voicemail and call display (and that’s with a $10 discount). The last $8 of the bill is provincial and national sales tax, bringing the whole bill to just over $75.

The ability to pick and choose exactly what features a consumer wants is largely unavailable on traditional cellphone plans nowadays. Features and add-ons are typically packaged together so even if a customer doesn’t want access to picture messaging or conference calls or call waiting – usually included in most plans – they still have to pay for it.

Recently more and more cable providers have revamped their services to give people only the channels and services they need. Telecoms have yet to do so. Thankfully a new company, Public Mobile is doing it instead. Public Mobile simplifies the way Canadians choose their phone plans by offering a bunch of choices across four different options: plan length, talk, text and data.

The best part is that prices stay low. Public Mobile’s online-only approach means no bricks and mortar stores, which results in savings that they can pass on directly to their customers. Their online community provides help, and is a place for users to share ideas. Every time they do, they’re rewarded with savings. Amazing right?

In the categories of plan length, talk, text and data, Public Mobile lets you choose whichever plan best suits your needs. If we were to recreate that original average cellphone plan using Public Mobile, we’d be looking at a 90-day option that reduces the rate cost by up to $45! With this option, every 90 days the average consumer only pay $105 (this works out to $35+tax/month) for country-wide talking, unlimited Canada-wide texting, 1GB of data, voicemail and call display.

Image: Public Mobile/https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/bc/plans

Image: Public Mobile/https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/bc/plans

Everyone has different habits and needs when it comes to their phone. Take the time to break down your own bill. After all, no one wants to pay for something that they don’t need.

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