Chinatown Eats: Phnom Penh

Dec 19 2017, 4:47 am

Ask anyone who’s been to Phnom Penh and they will tell you to try the famous Chicken Wings (#78). Listen to them. The skin is super crispy, the meat is juicy and moist. The Lemon Pepper sauce is essentially lemon juice with a very generous dose of finely ground black and white pepper. BTW – Make this at home next time you have KFC or Church’s, it’s a fabulous East meets West thing.

Another favourite is the Butter Beef (#71, top image), thinly sliced marinated rare beef, sprinkled with a mixture of lime juice, soy and fish sauce. Cilantro and more fried garlic complete the dish. Slice it up and toss it all together, making sure to mix the less coated sections near the edge with the marinated middle. If you don’t like cilantro, tell them, because they sprinkle it over everything.

Chinatown Eats: Phnom Penh

They have a large variety of rice dishes but the best is the Beef Lu Lac Rice with Egg (#35). The meat is very tender, probably from being marinated in a thick dark and light soy sauce concoction with a bit of sweetness from honey and thickness from some oyster sauce. The egg on top is meant to be pierced and mixed into the dish, adding more creaminess to everything.

Chinatown Eats: Phnom Penh

Looking for noodles? Try the Dry Mix Noodle (#6). The noodles come with a bowl of Pork Bone Soup, with the meat falling off the bone from hours of simmering. There were both egg and rice noodles in the bowl, as well as sliced pork, liver, ground pork and a few shrimps. A generous sprinkling of green onions, fried garlic and cilantro finishes the dish. Like your noodles saucier? Ask for some extra sauce on the side.

Written By: Grace Cheung (@GraceCheung604)

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