How could you: Pepsi's questionable new maple syrup cola NOT offered in Canada

Mar 25 2022, 6:03 pm

It’s always nice to play well with others, but some collaborations aren’t always meant to be.

Limited-edition flavours are nothing new, but sometimes maybe you should quit while you’re ahead. Here’s looking at you, Pepsi.

The soda brand giant has partnered with pancake giant IHOP for a questionable new product: Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola. The new cola flavour is not available in stores, at any IHOP location, or in Canada. (You know, the maple syrup country of the world…)

Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola is a “highly limited-edition” promotional item that will only be available through a social media giveaway.

Two thousand Pepsi drinkers will be chosen to receive free 12-ounce cans of the soda, by using the #ShowUsYourStack hashtag, showing off their best stacks of pancakes.

People must follow @Pepsi on Instagram and Twitter for the duration of the sweepstakes, which ends March 29 to be eligible to win the new flavour.

In a phone call with Daily Hive, a rep for Pepsi Canada says the new flavour will not be available in the Great White North. “Unfortunately, these products are limited to the US only,” says the rep. “After that, the company will see how it’s received and will consider launching the product in Canada and Latin America.”

The maple syrup flavour follows a trend from Pepsi over the past couple years after launching other unorthodox choices: Pepsi Apple Pie, Pepsi Cocoa Cola, Pepsi Peeps, and Pepsi Cracker Jack.

Some people on the internet weren’t very supportive of Pepsi’s new flavour attempt:

In the meantime, Canadian Pepsi fans can enjoy a throwback version of its iconic look from the late 80s and early 90s — with zero maple syrup.


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