Pennsylvania Hotel Gets a New Neon Sign, Homeless Rejoice!

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am

Anyone walking the streets of the Downtown Eastside lately will know doubt notice the glowing beacon of light know as the Pennsylvania Hotel. Yes a nice new neon sign has been installed in the latest waste of taxpayer money from BC housing.

Don’t get me wrong, we need social housing. However, look at the cost, approximately $13 million for 44 bachelor units. Do some quick calculations on your shitty abacus and you’ll notice a lofty price tag of about $300,000/unit. That is the cost to house one individual. This fascination with building social housing in Downtown has to come to an end, or nothing will change.

Further, anyone who thinks that is a good deal must be a retard or part of the APC. If we were to build something like this in the sticks we could house 15 times as many people for the same amount of cash. But wait, we don’t want to take these individuals out of their community, that would be just cruel. Funny thing is most of these people aren’t even from there, its just an easy place to score some drugs.

That is what many people don’t understand about the DTES. We don’t have a homelessness problem, the problem is one of drug addiction and mental illness. These individuals need reform. The closing of Riverview was a mistake and the government should recognize that and do something about it. I am more than happy to see my tax dollars treat the mentally ill and drug addicted.

I’ll end my rant there and get back to the sign, lets hope that it brings back the neon renaissance in Vancouver.

photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun

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