Where to get Peking Duck in Vancouver

Jan 11 2017, 5:55 am

What is it?

Peking Duck can be traced back over 700 years, proving this dish truly never gets old.

Rooted in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 to 1368), Peking Duck is a meal with royal lineage, as it has been a staple for the elite and ruling class for centuries. In modern day it is considered a national symbol of China and it’s enjoyed by people from all walks of life on a regular basis and during holidays such as Chinese New Year.

Peking Duck is thin, crisp skin with very little meat attached. Traditionally the skin is sliced in front of diners. Peking ducks have been specially bred and raised for 65 days before being slaughtered and roasted whole upside down in an oven.

People like to enjoy Peking Duck with Mandarin pancakes – which are thinner than traditional breakfast pancakes – along with sweet bean sauce, scallions, and cucumber slices.

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Other names for this dish are Beijing Duck or Chinese Roast Duck – whatever you call it, it’s seriously popular and beloved by people all over the globe.

Just like present-day hip hop artists rap about Hennessey, poets of old sensationalized Peking Duck in their poetry, marking its significant influence on culinary culture through the times. To this day the dish is so loved that to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2014 a mega-chain restaurant in China, Quanjude, unveiled their very own Peking Duck Museum dedicated to this signature dish.

While Quanjude has dozens of restaurants around the world, there are no locations in Vancouver, but there are still many places here where you can get the traditional Chinese delicacy.

Here are 15 places to get Peking duck in YVR.

Where to get it

Note: some restaurants require 24 hours notice for Peking Duck orders, call to submit requests and confirm.

1. Chang’An

Address: 1661 Granville Street, Vancouver

2. Chongqing

Address: 1260 Robson Street, Vancouver

3. Come Along Seafood Restaurant

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Address: 2550 Kingsway, Vancouver

4. Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

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Address: 108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver

5. Floata Seafood Restaurant

Address: 400-180 Keefer Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @floataseafoodrestaurant

6. Fortune City Seafood Restaurant

Address: 302-2800 East 1st Avenue

7. Fortune Garden Restaurant

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Address: 1475  West Broadway, Vancouver

8. Golden Swan Restaurant

Address: 5380 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

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9. Ho Yuen Kee

Address: 6236 Fraser Street, Vancouver

10. Kirin Seafood Restaurant

Address: 555 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

11. Koon Bo Restaurant

Address: 5682 Fraser Street, Vancouver

12. NingTu Restaurant

A photo posted by Emily (@missvancouverpiggy) on

Address: 2130 Kingsway, Vancouver

13. Pelican Seafood Restaurant

Address: 1895 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

14. Red Star Seafood Restaurant

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Address: 8298 Granville Street, Vancouver

15. Sun Sui Wah

A photo posted by Barbara Sze (@babalac) on

Address: 3888 Main St, Vancouver

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