Vancouver is one of the world's best cities for Chinese food

May 18 2016, 4:39 am

In a recently published list, declared that Vancouver is one of the world’s best places to eat Chinese food. We couldn’t agree more!

The Australian site’s nod includes mention of our concentration of ethnic Chinese, and the natural bent that lends our restaurants in dishing up delicious and authentic eats.

Of course, when we’re talking great Chinese food in Vancouver, it’s hard not to stretch the boundaries to encompass Metro Vancouver, and the many and might options afforded eaters south of the city in Richmond: “The Chinese enclave of Richmond is a hotbed of culinary authenticity with the spectrum of cuisines reading like a map of China.”

Further proof of Vancouver’s success in Chinese cuisine: The Chinese Restaurant Awards, and the number of excellent dishes and venues singled out in Richmond and elsewhere in Metro Vancouver, all serving up regional specialties. Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice, Hong Kong-Style Roast Duck, Hot Pot, or Dim Sum, anyone?

Now get out there and enjoy the spoils of our delicious achievements, Vancouver!

Lindsay William-RossLindsay William-Ross

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