If you have foot, ankle, knee, or back pain, here’s what you need to know

Aug 20 2019, 8:32 am

It’s easy to assume that random aches and pains in your body are just a part of getting older— but that’s not always the case.

Something you may not be aware of is that foot-related issues can disguise themselves as other problems. So if you’re feeling pain in your hip or back, it could be linked to an unknown issue with your foot.

If left untreated, pain can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing. It can even impact your work, your relationships, and other areas of your personal life — which the last thing anyone wants or expects.

That’s why it’s important to be proactive about your health. Booking a consultation with a  Canadian Certified Pedorthist is a great way to get started. Wondering how pedorthists can help you? Excellent, stay with us.

When to see a pedorthist

If you’re experiencing any kind of foot, ankle, or knee pain as a result of running, standing at work, playing sports, or hiking or other activities, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist can help.

Pedorthists are healthcare professionals who are gait experts. They’re highly-trained specialists who are able to assess your walking and running mechanics and recommend treatment plans to help improve foot and lower limb conditions. As one of the few leading experts in footwear and custom foot orthotics, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist is able to ensure you have the tools you need to be healthy and active on your feet for life.

During your first consultation, they’ll conduct a full assessment of your biomechanics and lower limbs to find out what’s causing your pain, and then determine a treatment plan that meets your needs. A Canadian Certified Pedorthist can aid you with better supporting your body — starting from the ground up.

How a pedorthist can help

Canadian Certified Pedorthists design, manufacture, and fit custom foot orthotics to address your specific needs. Never heard of foot orthotics? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

As discreet medical devices, foot orthotics slip into your shoes to support and align your feet. They can be made to fit in everyday shoes, from sneakers to high heels, and even sport-specific shoes. These devices are designed to ease everything from shin splints to heel, arch, forefoot, knee, and hip pain.

In short, foot orthotics can help you feel like the best superhero version of yourself, and we can’t imagine anything better than that.

Find a local pedorthist near you by visiting the Pedorthic Association of Canada’s official website.