This Twitter account is exposing employers for gender wage gaps on International Women's Day

Mar 8 2022, 8:17 pm

One Twitter account wreaked havoc on International Women’s Day. 

The @PayGapApp bio explains the situation plainly: “Employers, if you tweet about International Women’s Day, I’ll retweet your gender pay gap.”

That doesn’t even include how wages differ for women of colour, trans women, queer women, and disabled women — nor does it consider how the gap affects non-binary or gender-diverse folks.

Still, the account made a bold statement with its callouts, stirring the pot online on March 8. 

They replied to Capita’s campaign by tweeting, “In this organisation, women’s median hourly pay is 33.2% lower than men’s.”

For Access Hollywood, women’s median hourly pay is 23.2% lower than men’s.

And for McAfee, women’s median hourly pay is 29.7% lower.

The list goes on and on.

Disturbingly, but unsurprisingly, a lot of accounts deleted their International Women’s Day posts after that. 

One user, @oldenoughtosay, made a thread of all the employers that deleted their tweets “as a result of getting called out by the @PayGapApp.”

“Because I love mess,” she said.

Some deleted their posts entirely, while others reposted without the hashtag to avoid being spotted by the app.

Several universities, non-profits, and government organizations were among them.

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