Patagonia: A Winter wear wonderland

Dec 19 2017, 9:03 pm

Vancouver sure got chillier with the first snowfall and temperature drop, and while some take this drop in temperature as a mild one, others begin to take a notch up on the art of layering.

One could ask the question, does the amount of layers on an individual’s body actually help keep you warm, or is there an easier way?


As I browsed the Internet trying to find alternatives to my fashion nightmare (also an excuse to find some great Black Friday online deals), I found myself stuck on the Patagonia website. A brand that was unheard of to me, I was stuck on the site, primarily because of the the fun animation story that seemed to continue as I scrolled down the web page.


Patagonia’s 100% Traceable Down line seemed to be an alternative to my onion-layering nightmare.

So, what is 100% Traceable Down? It is the process of ensuring that no live plucking, no force feeding and that the proper standards of animal welfare is enforced throughout the process of manufacturing.


With environmental and social responsibility as one of the key focuses and visions of Patagonia, there is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. From jackets to vests, Patagonia provides a wide range of products that suit the active lifestyle and ever changing temperature, and in a wide variety for both men and women. The 100% Traceable Down collection is one that aims for awareness and sustainability and comes in a variety of colours as well.


Some exciting news is that Patagonia is opening up a new store out in Vancouver on December 17!

Some things to look out for in the new store: Patagonia Vancouver will have one-of-a-kind displays that consists of outdoor sports images installed by a visual design team and repurposed, recycled and sustainably produced materials.


This store will be the first Patagonia store with an official, built-in Worn Wear clothing repair station on the main floor, where repairs can be done on the spot for customers instead of shipping items to and from the LEED Certified distribution centre in Reno, Nevada.

The Worn Wear station will also serve as an information hub on various opportunities for outdoor recreation in the surrounding community for those looking.


Patagonia’s newest store will open on West 4th Street – at 1994 West 4th Street, Vancouver – as the second Patagonia-owned store in Canada (in addition to Toronto).

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