5 reasons why you and your friends will never forget Parksville Qualicum Beach

Dec 21 2016, 5:11 am

The towns of Parksville Qualicum Beach are authentic and rich in natural beauty. Luckily for visitors from Vancouver, they’re also easily accessible and inviting any time of the year.

Whether it’s checking out Parksville Qualicum Beach for the very first time or revisiting with friends for a getaway, this magical Vancouver Island destination provides quirky, genuine charm and pleasure.

Coombs old country market

You can find country markets in a lot of places but how many will have goats on the roof as an added attraction? The grassy topping on the Coombs Old Country Market provides food for the happy goats and there’s shelter up there for the horned critters to get out of the rain with a tiny goat hut. Norwegian settlers in the area first came upon the idea of using goats on the roof as a natural four-legged lawnmower to keep the grass trimmed and tidy. The goats are savvy enough to keep from falling off the roof, which is eight feet above the ground, and curious enough about humans that they’re willing to go to the edge to get a closer look and maybe a pat or two on the head.

A charming downtown core


Downtown/Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism

Qualicum Beach’s downtown centre is the primary shopping area for locals. For visitors, it’s not just a picturesque stop with cobble-stoned sidewalks and lush flower displays. You can spend hours browsing through antique shops and bookstores. There are a variety of restaurants for meals as well as quaint cafes for a coffee break and snack. One-of-a-kind boutiques offer specialty items to take home as a reminder of your good times in Parksville Qualicum Beach.

Sand sculpting competition and exhibition

They take sand castles seriously at Parksville Qualicum Beach and that makes for some serious fun for visitors. The Quality Foods Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition is part of the annual Parksville Beach Festival. It attracts sculptors from around the world who carve masterpieces out of sand and water. If you’re not a contestant, you can still participate. Grab a pail and shovel and see if you can’t emulate some of the stupendous creations being designed by the masters.

Tidal Treasures

Only from October to May, Tidal Treasures, a program that involves local artists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, drops off 300 floats above the high tide line for people to find. Anyone who finds the starred floats can win a prize from local merchants or turn them in for gifts at the Parksville Visitor’s Centre or the Lighthouse Gift Shop in the town of Bowser. It’s just another way that makes spending the day at Parksville Qualicum Beach in the offseason a little more special.

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park

The provincial parks and public beaches in Parksville Qualicum Beach attract people from all over the globe. Nature is just as fascinating underground and Qualicum Beach has taken subterranean exploration one step further. Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park offers guided tours, self-guided tours, and a cave theatre and museum. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even rappel down the seven-storey underground waterfall.

With so many unusual and amazing things on Vancouver Island, why settle for the ordinary? For more than a hundred years, residents of Vancouver have been drawn to the laid-back culture and natural history of Parksville Qualicum Beach. Plan your visit today and discover for yourself why Parksville Qualicum Beach is so uniquely west coast.

For more information on the many fun and relaxing activities in Parksville Qualicum Beach for you and your friends to check out, see the town’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages.

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