OVO has launched "the most disruptive hockey collaboration ever"

Dec 23 2021, 7:09 pm

OVO and Sherwood Hockey have partnered on a limited release that is “the most disruptive hockey collaboration ever.”

The Drake-led label has redesigned the hockey gear with the signature logo, an owl, featured on all pieces.


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The October’s Very Own collection includes a hand-painted goalie mask, black and gold co-branded gear bags, carbon fibre player and goalie sticks, and gold-plated hockey pucks.

“Of all the brands that connect with the youth hockey culture, OVO is at the top,” Brendon Arnold, associate vice president of brand at INA Sports Ltd — the parent company of Sherwood, wrote in a LinkedIn post. “And when looking under the hood, they seem to have a superpower – an ability to resonate with all age groups, genders, cultures and ethnicities. While still staying very ‘authentic’ and ‘relevant,’ they’ve been given the green light to enter into categories and sports that other brands can’t touch.”

Disruption doesn’t come cheap.

According to the OVO website, the player sticks retail for $398 and goalie sticks for $348.

A goalie helmet can be had for $4,800, and pucks run for $42 apiece.

“Understanding this unique brand dynamic, we knew there was an opportunity to join forces and bring hockey something the culture has never seen,” Arnold continued. “Add in the fact that Drake played hockey in Ontario growing up and still has a strong passion for the game; the storyline gets even stronger.”

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