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These are the 150 new emojis coming to your devices

Simran Singh Jun 06, 2018 6:43 am 3,622

A woozy-face (see: drunk), red-haired people, and a cupcake are just a few of the new emojis that will soon be available on your mobile devices.

The Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that decides what new emoji will be released, has announced that 157 new emojis will be available in its Emoji 11.0 update.

This means that vendors like Apple, Google, Twitter, and Facebook will be rolling out the new emojis to their platforms as soon as June.

Emojipedia, an online database and emoji dictionary has broken down what the new emojis will look like on Apple devices.



Here are some up close shots of what these new characters could look like:

The Partying Face

Party Emoji

Emojipedia/ YouTube

The Pleading Face


Emojipedia/ YouTube

The Woozy (drunk) Face


Emojipedia/ YouTube

Red Haired People


Emojipedia/ YouTube

Bald People


Emojipedia/ YouTube



Emojipedia/ YouTube

According to Emojipedia, this is when you will be able to start using the new emojis on different platforms:

June—August 2018

  • Twitter
  • EmojiOne
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft

September—December 2018

  • Google
  • Apple

January-February 2019

  • Samsung


  • WhatsApp
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