11 adventure accounts you need to follow on Instagram

May 21 2017, 6:05 pm

Not everyone can wake up at 5 am, summit a peak and be back in their hammock by sunset. But, thanks to Instagram, everyone can check those killer views off their bucket list and scroll on to be amazed.

To digitally #explorebc check out these 11 amazing adventure accounts for all your Insta vista needs.


Armed with a drone, a rad group of friends and an unchecked sense of adventure, Matt’s outdoor shots are not to be reckoned with. As a co-founder of @allaboutadventures, you can meet Matt by watching his feed for an Instameet.


My happy place 🙂 – PC @tvanhaaster

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A shameless back of the head photo lover, Angela’s feed is crammed full of epic adventures.

Hobbies include: chasing waterfalls & wearing this flannel – PC @placemeaq

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tent views

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There is no place in BC Madison hasn’t been. This girl and her tent have seen it all, and so can you by hitting that follow button.

no place id rather be with @zevia

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Partner in crime to @thismattexists, and fellow co-founder of @allaboutadventures, Brayden is one of the coolest Instagrammers around. Don’t believe us, check out his breakfast drone delivery video! Epicness aside, Brayden’s account is an excellent resource for all your adventure planning needs.


🌎 Sunsets are always a good idea #earthday

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Starry nights, van campouts, and awe-inspiring beach fires are just a few of the reasons you should check out Braedin’s Insta handle. His account is the perfect example of the west coast living, and his videos will have you packing your bags and heading into the mountains.

West-coastin’ 🔥🚎

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What a smokeshow, eh? #TimesTwo #AAAinstameet #LiveOutThere

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Chantel lives life in HD and a peek at her Instagram page reveals just that. Taking on the world one mountain at a time, Chantel and her fam of epic humans never say no to adventure. This girls skills with a camera are bound to impress.

As a means of contributing to the open discourse and further destigmatizing mental illness, I wanted to openly admit past struggles with anxiety, anorexia and depression. For every #BellLetsTalk post created today, Bell is donating 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives. Please use the sh*t out of the hashtag and spread it across the social channels, amigos. Now onto a wee heart slab. To my tribe – thank you for being present when I am at both my sparkliest and most dim. I could not be more grateful for the positively infectious energies I am surrounded by on a daily basis. To those struggling in any capacity – you are compassion and creative force and divine life itself. Please do not ever forget that your struggles are heard and that you are SO massively loved! To ALL of you vibrant souls – it is time we unlearn what society has engrained into our psyche. Mental illness is incredibly difficult to manage and it becomes infinitely more arduous when one constantly berates and isolates themselves because of their struggles. Please reach out and tell somebody if you are not okay! My door is always open if you are needing a non-judgemental healing space! #EndTheStigma Sending out major cyber hugs. 📷: @dolfvermeulen

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Rocking that moody gram outdoor vibe is what Avin does best. Foggy days and low lit nights are a walk in the park for this moment capturing guru. Be sure to check out his cabin shots for a glimpse into the outdoor lifestyle.


Content creator and visual storyteller Ally is an outdoor influencer who shares her adventures with the online community.


Not only does Julian have a killer personal gram, but he’s also a co-founder of the @chasingsunrise account. Julian has made it his mission to show Vancouver that there is more to life than just paying bills.

I pray that we never become jaded. That no matter what life throws at us, no matter how difficult it can feel or how many times it chews us up and spits us out, we never spend it living from the past closed off to what we can create. ⠀ I pray that no matter what happens, no matter where we’ve been or who we’ve met, we never stop believing that this world can be a good place, that what has happened in the past needs no to have bearing on where we are going, and that the future is ours to create. ⠀ That, to me, is something worth fighting for. ⠀ 📷: rad days wandering forests and creating spaces with @ppodski. I lost all the shots on my camera from this day (dropped a hard drive whooooops), so this is basically all I got. But thank god pictures don’t define moments. ⠀ #RealTalk #ChasingSunrise

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Brie and Reuben are the cutest adventure couple Vancouver has to offer. Together they travel around the West Coast camping, hiking, and flying through the outdoors. Any outdoor couple can look here for relationship goals.

Walkin’ on a dream. #vancitywild #happyadventuring

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Locals always know the coolest spots. @therichardkelly

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As a co-founder of @tentree, one scroll through Kalen’s personal feed and you’ll understand the motivation behind Ten Tree’s planting program. It’s clear that Kalen loves the natural world and spends most of his time in the forests and mountains of BC.

One of the coolest hotels I’ve seen 🌴

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