5 ways to get awesome outdoor workouts this summer

Jul 14 2020, 7:42 pm

As summer continues to hit high gear, many are choosing to work out at home or outdoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working out at home has its benefits, from an easily accessible fridge for cold water to having a bathroom nearby.

But outdoor workouts can add sunshine to your day, giving you some Vitamin D during your exercise routine.

Plus, the best part about exercising outside is the change of scenery. It’s nice to get out of the gym for a while and engage in different activities that still give you a killer workout. Here are a few ways you can stay active and enjoy summer.

Bike ride

Cyclist in Ontario (P Gregory/Shutterstock)

Across Canada, cities have extensive cycle paths to encourage outdoor physical activity. Make it an adventure by packing a lunch and lots of water, find the nearest path to you, and head out with no destination. Besides your bike, make sure you’re being safe and grab your helmet.

Run stairs

Running on stairs/ Shutterstock

Many cities have outdoor stairs that are better than any indoor StairMaster. In Calgary, Crescent Heights has stairs that go from Memorial Drive up to the top of Crescent Hill. In Toronto, you can try the Baldwin Steps at Spadina Park that lead up to Casa Loma. And in Vancouver, there’s nothing like Wreck Beach’s steps to give you a proper outdoor workout. Don’t forget to watch your step on the way back down. Be safe, bring a water bottle, have your wallet handy, and dress appropriately for your run.

Do yoga in a park

Outdoor yoga (mimagephotography/Shutterstock)

No class, no worries. Download a yoga class on your phone or any device, and follow along at a park. Go to your local park with your yoga mat and zen out in the sun.

Post up at a park bench

Dragon Images/ Shutterstock

This one is easy — all you need is a park, yourself, and a park bench. You’d be amazed at how many different ways you can use a bench to complete a full-body workout. Try these moves to get you started. Try push-ups, tricep dips, one- (or two-) legged bench squats, bench climbers, step-ups, box jumps, sit to stand, single leg plyometrics, single leg lunge, plyometric push-ups, and bridges, and if that isn’t enough, get creative and try anything that comes to mind.

Hit the pavement

Joggers in Vancouver (Sergei Bachlakov/Shutterstock)

Grab your running shoes and head out for a run. You can simply go out your door and run around your neighbourhood, or you can head down to parks and trails. Running is a great and easy way to get active. You are in control of your pace and distance, so make your workout what you want it to be.

The opportunities to get an awesome workout in while still enjoying the sunshine are endless.

When you head outside, make sure you keep your physical distance, and be safe.

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