Orbiiit founder on building a "discovery system" for unseen talent

Jun 11 2020, 8:00 pm

Daily Hive recently teamed up with Orbiiit to announce a tech start-up competition with a $100,000 prize purse, but who is behind the internet’s best talent-finding platform?

Founder Nadar Navabi spent more than a decade working with and alongside talented musicians, fashion designers, and artists before he created Orbiiit, a digital platform that he compares to Shark Tank and So You Think You Can Dance.

“I have witnessed so many talented artists and great businesses getting nowhere,” Navabi told Daily Hive. “Not because they weren’t good, but simply because of the lack of a proper discovery system. That’s why I came up with the original idea of Orbiiit.”

Since its launch, Orbiiit has become a platform where new talent can be discovered and prizes can be won by votes.

Being seen by millions of potential fans is key; however, Orbiiit is the perfect place for “talents to have an opportunity to have access to capital, cash, and career prizes,” according to Navabi.

In addition, Orbiiit commits 20% of all incoming profits to partner charities.

“We are activating the world of music, fashion, art, and entertainment to help charities,” says Navabi. All the while, “they are helping their own careers and this is truly a dream come true for us.”

Daily Hive partnered with Orbiiit to launch The Pitch with the objective to provide capital and professional services to new companies or those trying to stay afloat during this particularly strenuous time.

“I know how hard it is for startups to raise funds and find a good network,” adds Navabi. “I’ve seen it first hand and I wanted to offer this opportunity to the community I am a part of. All startups of all kinds are welcome to join The Pitch contest for free.”

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