Open House: This New West home is a work of art

Mar 15 2017, 1:22 am

If you’re looking to settle down in style, this is where you need to be. This single family home in New Westminster takes colour and artistry and turns it all the way up to 11.

Archer st

Image: Tom Arban

The entire downstairs is a vast, open area with reaching ceilings, and the kitchen and living rooms are divided by a stone fireplace. The area can be make even larger by the huge sliding glass windows, bringing in the outside patio that stretches around the house.

archer st

Image: Tom Arban

Sporadically placed lights, soft colour tones in the wood, and interesting angles all work to make this $2.5 million home appear both cozy and contagiously quirky.

Combine all that with some high-tech kitchen appliances, a rooftop patio, and plenty of room around the dinner table, and you’ve got yourself a perfect place for hosting.

Address: 314 Archer St., New Westminster

Neighbourhood: The Heights

Listing price: $2,499,000

Listing agent: Brodie Gunn

Elevator pitch: Fill everyday with colour and style in this single family home in the heart of New Westminster. You haven’t seen a place like this before, and neither have your future guests!

Highlight: The back porch is picture perfect for lounging about on a summer’s day, and you’ll be able to hear and see the water from your backyard.

Potential turn off: Three bedrooms may be on the lower end for those hoping to fill the home with a large family.

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  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • View of the Fraser River
  • 7,353 sq ft lot size
  • 2,650 sq ft house
  • Built in 2015
  • Two car garage

Not your average-shaped 2 floor house. 

Archer St

Image: Tom Arban

Room at the table for everyone!

Archer st

Image: Tom Arban

This house comes with all shapes. 

Archer st

Image: Tom Arban

I’d call that the right side of the bed!

Archer st

Image: Tom Arban

Check out the whole place in this video tour. 

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