This online academy offers courses for business owners for a monthly fee

Apr 24 2019, 12:03 am

A Vancouver-based digital marketing agency has launched an online academy for business owners and their leadership teams, the RTOWN Business Academy, or RBA.

The RBA was designed to provide entrepreneurs with unlimited access to wisdom from practiced entrepreneurs on how to build a business.

The subscription is $14.99 a month to access RBA courses.

“For less than three Starbucks coffees a month, you can learn from some of the best people in the business, and learn solutions to the challenges you’re faced with as a business leader,” says RTOWN CEO Luke Aulin.

For about five and a half years, RTOWN has been surveying small to medium-sized businesses about their needs, and have worked with somewhere close to 1000 different business.

“Over that time we found a real gap in the need for learning at the pace with which things change, and the need for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to find a quality source of information related to business challenges at their time of need,” says Aulin.

RBA’s curriculum covers the major functions of owning and operating a business, from how to find the ideal investor, to how to hire people and get teams to align, to how to get free media coverage.

“Although we serve businesses all over the province, there are particularly large gaps in communities outside of the bigger cities that are trying to learn what they can from disparate sources of information,” says Aulin.

He says that’s where the RBA comes in.

“It’s ultimately about helping businesses grow. We wanted to play a role on the education side to fill those gaps,” continued Aulin.

With 1.2 million small to medium businesses in Canada alone, RTOWN’s RBA aims to provide information when and where it is needed.

Currently, Aulin says they are looking for more instructors to expand their collection of available knowledge.

“We are continuing to build it out, and we are currently on the hunt for more professional instructors who are experts in their domain who want to share that knowledge with the entrepreneurial world,” says Aulin.

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