Searches for one-way flights to Canada from the US went up 1000% last night

Nov 10 2016, 4:12 am

There were a lot of jokes made leading up to the US election.

But make no mistake, American desire to emigrate to Canada after Trump won is not one of them. In fact, last night Canada’s Immigration website crashed from high demand.

Of course, many British people had the same idea when Brexit surprised them earlier this year.

And now popular discount airline site Cheapflights has announced that searches for one-way tickets to Canada from the US surged 1000% between 6 pm and 8 am EST last night.

Over the day as a whole, November 8 saw US searches for one-way flights to Canada rise 133% when compared to the previous four Tuesdays in 2016. But it’s clear that once polls began to close and numbers started to role in, Americans got more serious about stepping on a plane to Canada with no plans to return.

Unfortunately for any ticket purchasers, Stephen Colbert has already met with a Canadian immigration lawyer and shown how difficult it is for an American to move to Canada.

Good luck down there, friends.

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