The top 5 things a girl wants but isn't telling you

Sep 22 2017, 12:11 am

You’ve finally scored a first date with the girl of your dreams.

The next step? Proving to her that you’re basically the next Von Miller, one of the NFL’s biggest stars and world-renown Old Spice Guy.

These days the competition is fierce and we have dating chalked up as a game of mission impossible – but it’s not

Daily Hive teamed up with Old Spice to compile this list of five things that a girl really wants but isn’t telling you.

Look (and smell) your best

Tip #1: But how exactly can you show the girl of your dreams that you’re absolutely sublime? For starters, groom yourself. Next, smell good. It’s easy to do this when with Old Spice’s new Invisible Spray Anti-perspirant/Deodorant. For the record, those pit stains on your shirt will never be in. So when you’ve finished on the football field, act like a true Von Miller by wearing the same deodorant he does. It will make your underarms smell fresh and manly without the gross white residue that other deodorants may plague your skin with.

Clean your house


Ahhhhh…it happens all too often. She’s’ coming over, but your place looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. Don’t be that guy. The state of your place can be indicative of your personality and habits. So if she drops in to see popcorn from a week ago and a sink of dishes that could accommodate a small family, it’s time to take a good look at your habits. She’ll think you have your life in order if your place is clean. And who knows, maybe she’ll come back again.

Do something she likes even if you hate it

Yoga class/Shutterstock

Girls want to know that you’re invested in spending some time with them. She probably doesn’t want to do the typical bro stuff – like playing video games bloated with beer or participating in burping contests. A girl wants to know you like spending some quality time doing things she wants to do, too. So the next time you propose plans, humour her by suggesting the latest hip vegan restaurant in the city, or visiting a yoga studio – even if you spend half the time wiping out.

Listen when she talks


Listening to a girl when she talks is a gesture she’ll fall in love with. It shows you care and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a thing. Staying in tune with your conversations can help you out with the important stuff – like knowing what to get her when her birthday hits.

Have your own life

Career guy/Shutterstock

It’s great to spend lots of time with your favourite girl, but it’s also important to her to see that you’re independent and well, that you have your own life. No girl likes one of those clingy guys who can’t stand more than two hours without a text message. When she’s not around, do things that make you feel confident like hitting the gym or rocking your suit at work. When she sees you have goals she’ll be swooning because ambition is ultra attractive.

Old Spice’s Invisible Spray is the next big thing. Say goodbye to pit stains and skin laden with gross white residue and welcome true manhood into your life – you’ll feel like the next Von Miller. For more information, check out the Old Spice invisible spray online. You can stay in the know about Old Spice and its wide variety of products via Facebook and Instagram.


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