Old Navy Canada fires employee after customer claims she was racially profiled (VIDEO)

Jun 13 2019, 1:43 pm

Old Navy Canada has fired an employee at one of its Ontario stores after a customer claimed she was racially profiled for stealing.

On June 10, Lisa Calderon posted a series of videos on her social media channels. The videos have since gone viral, receiving thousands of views.

Calderon said she was “racially profiled” at the Old Navy located in Square One shopping mall in Mississauga.

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According to Calderon, she was at Old Navy to exchange some merchandise that she bought the previous day. While doing so, she also wanted to try on some more clothes.

She said she “felt uncomfortable” in the store and instead of exchanging her clothing she decided to go shop somewhere else.

Calderon then went to Browns to look at shoes and was approached by an Old Navy employee.

The employee told Calderon that she saw her walking into the store with a different top than she currently had on — insinuating that Calderon had stolen the shirt.

“I said did you pay for that shirt from Old Navy?” the employee asks.

“Didn’t I walk into the store with it?” replies Calderon.

The employee tells Calderon that she did not see her enter the store with the shirt on, adding that the tag was still on the shirt.

In a separate video posted on Facebook, Calderon says she keeps the tags on many of her purchases from Old Navy because they often price match items when they go on sale.

The employee proceeds to call security and asks Calderon why she is shaking and if she is nervous.

Calderon continues filming the incident and the employee takes hold of her arm.

“I walked in the store with the shirt on,” Calderon says, while becoming visibly irate and repeatedly telling the employee to let go of her arm.

Calderon is then walked back to the Old Navy store to review the security cameras.

“They are going to view the cameras and see that I walked in there with my Old Navy top on,” she says.

“So what if I keep the tags on my stuff. I always keep the tags on my stuff. Anyone who knows me … knows I keep the tags on my sh*t.”

The store manager then approaches Calderon and tells her that security footage needs to be reviewed.

Minutes later, the manager informs Calderon that the cameras are not cooperating and tells her the district store manager will be in touch.

On June 12, Old Navy Canada issued an official statement regarding the incident, confirming that the employee involved was fired.

“Old Navy was founded to be a place where everyone belongs. It’s been a part of our culture & values since day one, and that makes it even more upsetting when incidents occur that don’t reflect those values,” wrote the company on Twitter.

“We are so sorry that our customer Lisa Calderon had an unacceptable experience in one of our stores, and we apologize for letting her down. We investigated quickly & thoroughly. The employee involved in this situation is no longer with Old Navy. Our commitment to ensuring everyone who shops and works in our stores feels welcome & respected is a top priority. As part of our commitment, we have ongoing training for our employees and strict policies in accordance with our values.”

On Facebook, Calderon said that the district manager had called her and in addition to the public apology “a national sensitivity training (possibly international), will be conducted with all employees.”

“Thanks for your love and continued support, if you know me, you know that I really appreciate it,” she said.

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