Old $2 bills worth as much as $20,000

Dec 19 2017, 10:54 am

Is there is any chance that you might still have an old two dollar Canadian bill lying around somewhere in your home, you might want to keep it in a safe place as it could be worth as much as $20,000.

According to NumiCanada, a French-Canadian website on historical Canadian currency, two dollar bills printed in 1986 with the AUH-prefix within the seven digit serial code could be worth ten thousand times their face value.

It is worth even more than the final series of the discontinued one thousand dollar bills.

However, depending on the physical state of the bill – whether it is nearly perfect or showing signs of wear and tear – its value could be worth less: between $3,000 to $15,000.

The two dollar Canadian bill was retired in 1996 and replaced with the twoonie coin. Rising costs in printing were increasingly making the cash bill form uneconomic.

In 1989, the now much-beloved loonie coin replaced the one dollar Canadian bill for the same cost reasons, but its value is nowhere near the above-mentioned two dollar Canadian bill.

For more data on how much old bills are worth today, visit NumiCanada’s website.

Two dollar Canadian bill