Office Party Drinking Guidelines

Dec 19 2017, 1:17 pm

This weekend will be one the busiest for office Christmas parties and if it’s a good one, it will involve copious amounts of alcohol. In any workplace gathering, that involves drinking, one must be aware of how they are perceived by others in the office before they consume vast quantities of alcohol. If everyone loves you and you can do no wrong, go ahead and get drunk, you will be the life of the party. However, if you’re one of those politically correct, know it alls (in the internet world these people are known as trolls), any excessive amount of drinking will most likely get you man of these glares.

Make sure you abide by these guidelines and remember to plan ahead and take a cab, transit or walk back home. Don’t drink and drive.

Source: Grubstreet via I Love Charts.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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